Man City’s Jesus Navas drives a car that is basically him in automobile form


Man City’s Jesus Navas has never been a typical Premier League footballer.

While many of English football’s multi-millionaire superstars throughly enjoy showing off their bling and crave attention, the Spanish winger is clearly not that sort of chap.

Famously shy, Navas actively avoids the limelight. So much so, in fact, that he goes out of his way to blend in with the public. How else do we explain an insanely wealthy footballer choosing to drive around in a Nissan Micra?

A NISSAN MICRA, PEOPLE. According to Dream Team FC , Navas regularly drives his £8,000 car into Man City training, parking it alongside the Bentleys and Ferraris owned by his team mates.

But wait. Before you scoff and laugh, consider this: Navas’ choice of automobile is actually perfect. He’s basically bought the motoring version of himself.

NISSAN Micra A Nissan Micra: The Jesus Navas of the car world

Think about it. It’s small. It’s nippy. It’s deceptively quick. And ultimately, it’s largely disappointing when compared to what you could have got instead.

Like we said, it basically is Navas.

We’re all for this new idea of footballers driving the car which best resembles their style of play. In fact, it should be compulsory. To begin with, the following players should be forced to drive the following vehicles:

Yaya Toure – Range Rover

Yaya Toure - Range Rover

Big, strong, powerful and above all, everyone in football wants one.

Theo Walcott – Alfa Romeo

Theo Walcott - Alfa Romeo

Looks great and goes super fast – but likely to break down at any point.

Gareth Barry – Skoda.

Gareth Barry - Skoda

Much derided, but actually remarkably reliable.

James Milner – Volvo

James Milner - Volvo

Surprisingly durable and effective – despite the fact it makes wet-paint-watching look exciting.

Per Mertesacker – Tractor

Per Mertesacker - Tractor

Just because…

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